Heavy Rain on the way

September 4 2011
Tropical storm Lee along with a big cold front moving from the west has set us up for some big rain over the next few days and into the weekend. We will be rafting on the Upper Yough every day the week of September 12-16 2011, coupled with the extra natural flow that is occurring this is going to be an awesome two weeks. Give us a call 800 477 3723. We've not started a Fall like this in a long time so get ready for some class 5. Check out the Friendsville gauge for the latest reading. Other notable events are the Upcoming Savage River release on Sunday September 25 2011, this will be the last Savage release for the season so make it count and check this one out.

See you on the river,

Whitewater Season is here

2011 Precision Rafting Expeditions whitewater season starts in early April with some great trips on some of the more exotic whitewater in the area.  We've had a good winter for precipitation with decent snow fall over the winter and now good periods of rain.  The groundwater  table is very full which should make for a nice high water start to the season.

The Upper Yough season will start on April 15 2011.  There is always the possibility of earlier releases depending on rain fall amounts and lake levels. The Saturday Upper Yough season will start on June 18 with whitewater on every Saturday until the 2nd Saturday in September.
Check the Current Events Calendar for the full schedule of releases.

Big Sandy trips when ever we can as this is a hard one to catch but so worth the wait.

We are looking forward to Cheat season. The annual Cheat River Festival will be Saturday May 7 2011.  Cheat Narrows season will start up in June.  This is a great Inflatable kayak trip if you want to give kayaking a try for the first time.

The North Branch of the Potomac will have dam releases on April 16 - 17,  April 30  - May 1,  May 14-15, and May 28-29 2011.  Super Fun whitewater for all.  Great first time trip.  This is a really fun Inflatable Kayak trip too!

Savage river releases have been set for June 5, July 3, and September 25, 2011.  Five miles of big waves and fast currents.  Great Intermediate to advanced white water.

Check out these trips and more under “ The Rivers” tab of our website. 
Always looking forward to good times on all the rivers in our area and showing you some wild and awesome places in mountains of western Maryland and West Virginia. Give us a call for custom trips and exotic rivers adventures that make for once in a life time memories.  See you soon on one of the many great river trips we offer.

Rafting Season in full swing

The 2010 rafting season is going on in a big way. This year started out with a record shattering snow pack of over 270 inches. Now the summer rains have been steadily falling and we are off to  a great start with a full lake and the best base flows for quite some time. Warm weather has made it's return so there is no better time to go.

The Upper Yough season

Will be here soon and we're getting ready to go. The first Upper Yough release will be on Friday April 17 2009.
Cheat trips will start the first part of April and we will be on the Big Sandy as soon as it comes up. A great season is ahead so shake off the winter blues and let's do some spring rafting. Check out the "current events calendar" for other dam releases and special events like the Cheat festival and North Branch of the Potomac releases.
I look forward to seeing you on a river trip with us and will show you a great time!!

Savage River Release on the Way

July 31 2008

Greetings to all
We still have room on the August 3rd Savage river trip and it is going to be a great ride this Sunday. If you are looking for a quick fix of fun whitewater this is the trip for you. 5 miles of continuous whitewater, lots of nonstop action. This is a perfect intermediate trip that will only happen one more time this season. We will raft it twice so you really get your money’s worth. Please give us a call it "the perfect day trip from almost anywhere in the Pittsburgh, DC, Baltimore, Northern VA area. Operators are standing by now to take your reservation so give us a call. 800 477 3723 or send an email you can" go wrong with this one. It is truly a great trip. I hope some of you can take advantage of this trip.
Best regards

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