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Upper Big Sandy Rafting Trip

STATS: 6 Miles,  4Hrs
AGE: Recommended age is 10 years and up
TYPE: Extreme River Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Big Sandy River


This section starts out as a total flat water stream and builds it way up to a full scale whitewater river in six miles. At super high water levels it's one long rapid with very little let up, at lower water levels it's a tight little technical run that grows to a fun slalom run. This section has several good size ledges after the little Sandy joins in. One of the most memorable rapids of the day is just below here. This is where the action starts, steep drops over blind ledges require quick decisions and paddle responses. This non-stop action continues until the steel bridge at Rockville. All rafters are active participants. Precision Rafting uses small selfbailing rafts to make this trip happen. All rafts are guided along with a safety kayaker to give extra support.

IMPORTANT:  To raft one of the extreme trips you need to do an Upper Yough trip with us in the same season so you can check out how we operate and we can check you out to make sure your up to the challenge . This is for safety reasons as stated above you are in a wilderness environment and rescue can be difficult so we need to make sure that you are capable of this experience.

Upper Big Sandy Photo Gallery

3 upper big sandy rafting ww guide
4 upper big sandy final drop ww guide
2 upper big sandy rafting ro guide
1 upper big sandy rafting mg guide
5 upper big sandy rz leading the way
6 upper big sandy sk guiding big ledge