Action Whitewater

You tried the rest now try the best! Action whitewater trips are the trip for anyone who loves a challenge or a thrill and sometimes the occassional spill. These trips start with class 3 rapids and go to the class 5 action rapids.  These trips are not for the faint of heart or those who really don't want the thrill. Action whitewater trips are done in 4-6 person rafts depending on the river and the water level and will always have a guide in the boat. These trips are usually full day trips and they offer plenty of whitewater. All trips are fully guided and have a safety kayaker that will accompany the group for added safety. All action whitewater trips include a pretrip safety breifing so our guests are fully aware of how to handle any situation that may arise.  These trips are lots of fun and very exciting. Anyone who is looking for a natural thrill and is in decent physical condition can do them.

Upper Yough Trip

The Upper Yough is the most action packed trip we do. With regular dam releases from Deep Creek lake this is one of the most reliable whitewater trips on the east coast. Your trip on the Upper Yough begins by meeting us at our riverside headquarters in Friendsville, MD, which is also the river trip take out.  After signing in we have a short bus ride to the put-in where you are issued all the rafting gear for the day. We then gather for a pre trip safety briefing where we cover all aspects of river safety and rapid swimming. We go over how to handle all the what if's. You are then split into rafting groups of 3 and meet your guide for the day. Next we put on the river and float down some moving water where your guide then covers all that you need to know for the days adventure, such as how to sit in the raft, paddle strokes and commands and again we cover swimming in the rapids. After the flat water the rapids begin with the warm up mile, where you get to practice all the moves you need to make it through the bigger rapids. The warm up rapids end and you may notice that the bottom drops out and you are in the big action. For the next 3.5 miles it is nonstop adrenaline pumping, awesome whitewater action! We stop about half way through the big action at a refreshing mountain spring where you have the chance to stretch your legs and get ready for the next series. After the big rapids end the river slowly winds down to where it is just moving water again and you are back to where you met us in the morning. After the trip we do a cookout and have some cold beverages, while we watch the photos of the trip. All rafting equipment is included in your trip as well as the cookout and cold drinks. This trip is truly one of the best whitewater trips you can do because of the dam release From Deep Creek Lake. Guaranteed water releases all summer long make this trip the best!!!

STATS: 10 Miles,  4-6 Hrs Start time 11:00 am -12:00 noon. 
Age: Recommended age is 14 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / dam release
RIVER: Upper Yough
PRICE: $112.00 - $140.00 per person

Little Sandy (to Rockville) Trip

This section is a little harder than from Bruceton Mills down. It is smaller and more technical before meeting the Upper Big Sandy just above most of the big rapids. We do this one in small boats and as a high water alternative for the Upper Yough. The little Sandy is truly a unique trip, you watch the river grow. It starts out as a flat water small stream. After about twenties minutes of flat water paddling you start to encounter the first rocks in the river bed, they in turn give way to small ledges that get bigger and more powerful as you move down stream. Before you know it the Little Sandy is a big stream and then your right out in the thick of things so to speak. This is the hardest section to catch but well worth it when you do. Guides in every raft enhance your experience on the Little Sandy. A Safety kayaker will also paddle along to help with any rescues that may be required. You  also get two trips for the price of one as the Little Sandy drops into the Big Sandy above Rockville and you get most of the good rapids on that section too! We provide all the rafting equipment you need and shuttles to and from the river. Cold drinks and cookout are also provided.

STATS: 6 Miles, 4 Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 10 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Little Sandy
PRICE: $110.00 per person

Upper Big Sandy Trip

This section starts out as a total flat water stream and builds it way up to a full scale whitewater river in six miles. At super high water levels it's one long rapid with very little let up, at lower water levels it's a tight little technical run that grows to a fun slalom run. This section has several good size ledges after the little Sandy joins in. One of the most memorable rapids of the day is just below here.  This is where the action starts, steep drops over blind ledges require quick decisions and paddle responses. This non-stop action continues until the steel bridge at Rockville. All rafters are active participants. Precision Rafting uses small selfbailing rafts to make this trip happen. All rafts are guided along with a safety kayaker to give extra support.

STATS: 6 Miles,  4Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 10 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Big Sandy River
PRICE: $110.00 per person

Savage River Trip

Your Savage River trip can be done in 4-6 person rafts as well as IK's (duckies) for the most experienced. We have guides in every raft and a safety boater accompanies the trip. This is a real fast moving high action whitewater trip. After a thorough safety briefing on what to do in case anything happens, we split into groups and away we go, pretty much nonstop to the end. This trip is like one 5 mile long rapid. The trip includes equipment and lunch and cold beverages at the end of the trip. More rapids and less flat water then any trip we do. We shuttle you to and from the river for a great day of whitewater.  We have 3 dam releases in the summer for one to make this a very special trip. The Savage can be run in 4-6 man rafts as well as IK's for the most experienced. This is one of the most fun rafting trips in Maryland lots of big waves. The Savage wants to go downhill fast. Gives us a call to make a reservation or with any questions. 1 (800)-477-3723  Local  301-746-5290 We look forward hearing from you soon.

STATS: 5 Miles, 3-4 Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 12 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / dam release / natural flow
RIVER: Savage River
PRICE: $90.00 per person

Cheat Canyon Trip

This Cheat Canyon is a great way to start your rafting season. Big waves and powerful hydraulics leave no doubt that you are in for a wild ride. Precision offers you the options of going in the small 4 person rafts to the larger 8 person rafts. We can custom fit the boat to fit your fun meter! Trips meet in Albright, WV at the Cheat Canyon Campgrounds or at the PRE headquarters in Friendsville, MD. Sign in is around 9:30 am. You suit up and we get ready to raft. Your trip starts with a thorough safety briefing on land where the trip leader covers everything you need to know about the trip. We teach you how to stay in the boats and what to do if this doesn't happen, how to safely float or swim in the rapids. Next it's off to the river and away we go! Rapids like Decision, Big Nasty, and High Falls await you downstream. On the Cheat Canyon at most levels all rapids end in big pools. At the end of your trip there is a bus ride back to the start where we do a nice riverside lunch. All guides, rafting equipment, and lunch is provided.

STATS: 11 Miles, 7 Hrs
Age: Recommended age is 14 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Cheat River
PRICE: $90.00 - $115.00 per person

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