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Precision Rafting Expeditions

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Read what our customers have to say about Precision Rafting Expeditions

Michael Fellner

27 May 2024
This is a well oiled machine. The guides are professional and fun. The trip down the Cheat was scenic, informative and adventurous. These guys know their craft and looked after our group well according to our different needs. They go above and beyond!! Definitely recommend this rafting company!

Alex de la Torre

13 November 2023
Excellent rafting place. Have used their services twice. First came in September 2018 to celebrate passing the bar exam. Rafted the Upper Yough and had a blast. Came again during the Highpointers Konvention near Mount Davis PA in June 2022. Sadly, the dam had a broken turbine and we could not run the Upper Yough that day, but we caught the Cheat after a good rain earlier in the week. Also had a good time. Guides are very patient and accommodating. As a solo traveler, they happily put me in with another group each time. Look forward to rafting with them again in the future!

dale briggs footage Whitewater Canoeist

18 October 2023
The best and overall oldest rafting company on the upper- highly recommended

Brian Haze

08 September 2023

Mike Banas

04 September 2023
Awesome experience! My guide, Rob, was amazing! My highest recommendation and definitely ask for Rob!

Seth Seidman

01 September 2023

Yitzhaq Feder

31 August 2023
Amazing experience! Warren and Jeff were fantastic guides.


30 August 2023
Had an amazing time on the water, fun, adrenaline, and plenty of cool dunks ;). Nick was the best guide, he was really down to push it with us which was exactly the kind of experience we were looking for. Precision generally as a company was super professional and highly skilled guides. 10/10 would raft again. 🤟

Garrey Curry

19 August 2023

Anne Cherry

14 August 2023
We had an AMAZING experience! Our guide, Jeff, was spectacular and we loved the picnic after the run. Everyone we encountered at Precision was top-notch and super friendly. We were three first-timers, and we all talked about doing it again. Cannot recommend them enough!!!

barbara simone

08 August 2023
My Upper Youth rafting trip was phenomenal! You are on the river for a good amount of time and the rapids were so much fun. there was rain, hail, thunder and lightening but hey you are already wet.

Jen Eich

07 August 2023
We had so much fun!! Our guides were all awesome!! Zack was great!!!

Joseph Carroll

06 August 2023
We had an amazing rafting experience with our guide Steve. He is fantastic! Precision puts a ton of care into their expeditions and the level of quality is incredible. I’m recommending this expedition to friends and looking forward to coming back again.

Chase Baker

03 August 2023
Our experience with Precision Rafting on the rapids was outstanding. Our guide, Matt Kennedy, was exceptional during our two-day rafting adventure on the Savage River and Yock River. We were fortunate enough to have Nancy/Cari Zbel watch our 8-year-old yellow lab, which enabled our entire group to participate. We highly recommend this outfitter and are already planning our return. The rapids were thrilling, and the people were fantastic. We can't wait for the next time!

stan whitlow

17 July 2023
Hit the Upper Yough today, 7/17/23, and what an amazing experience! Do yourself a favor and book a ride with them! Very professional, safe and know this river better than anybody! Jeff Jett was our guide and he was outstanding!!!! Very direct and clear with his instructions, and just one of the coolest dudes you will ever meet! Thanks for a great day Precsion Rafting! We will be back soon as we can!


15 July 2023
Had a great experience yesterday. Terry was our guy and he was professional and chill. Thanks guys!

Andy McHugh

14 July 2023

Chris Griffiths

12 July 2023
Best in the biz. Only company I raft with. Great guides


05 July 2023
This was much better than I've ever expected! Warren was the best. He taught us how to do rafting. He was Professional and Courteous. they even fed us when we were finished. And the Photographer was phenomenal and how he got those pictures is beyond me. Liz was also very good to. The hole team treated us like family. Don't go anywhere else to raft!!!

Brennan Norton

29 June 2023

Heather Bowen

25 June 2023
Rafted the Upper Yough 6/19 and had a great time! My sister, wife, and I were fortunate to be with Lane as our guide and he is very knowledgeable of the River and surrounding area. Happy to say we had ZERO swimmers!! Roger and his group lead an amazing group of guides and safety supporters to guarantee you and your group will have the best experience possible! Hope to join them again !!

Todd Dickey

30 May 2023
We've rafted the Upper Yough three times...all three with Precision Rafting Expeditions. Roger and his entire team enjoy what they do, and it's evident by all the staff members. This is a well-oiled machine...from check-in to check-out. Zach was our guide and he was awesome. He managed to keep us all "dry" and attacked the river with precise commands; he's a seasoned veteran on this river. We highly recommend PRE as they're extremely safety conscious and a great group of people. Don't hesitate to book your rafting trip, as they fill up wont regret it. Awesome job PRE Team!

josh stefanic

29 May 2023


28 May 2023
Its a legendary rafting company. The Upper Yough is very challenging and for the experienced rafter. Strong swimmers only. Very memorable rafting trip for the books. I'll be back. Big thanks to Lane, Ken, Nancy, Roger, Robbie-O. #FatmanSqueezeSwimTeam @justlightthefire

Vulgar Kyle

04 October 2022
This was my second trip with PRE every one of the staff have extensive knowledge and are just awesome, down to earth people. Warren was our guide, he was patient, understanding, eager to answer all my questions and easily able to adapt to our mistakes (we made a bunch). No matter who you get as a guide it is a great time!!! Thanks everyone at PRE I’ll see you in the spring!

Dana Hassan

26 September 2022
A truly amazing and unforgettable experience doing the 2-day white water kayaking course with Roger and Nancy. This is a locally owned business and they are both legends in the area - wonderful people and exceptionally competent instructors. They read my beginner level quickly and were able to provide a tailored course that was balanced perfectly between instruction and fun. I felt very lucky and can't wait to return next season.

Tyler Rayburn

14 September 2022
We went on a week long vacation to Deep Creek Lake. While we were there, we wanted to take a white water rafting trip but had realized not many places offered trips during the week. I talked with Roger, and he told me due to the amount of rain they'd recently got, it'd make for a great trip. We went on the Upper Yough and it was one of the most fun things I've ever done. Matt was our guide, and he made the trip extremely enjoyable. He is very informative, knowledgeable, and personable. All other staff was amazing as well. We even enjoyed complimentary lunch when we got back. Overall great experience! We will be back!

Desmond Mann

22 August 2022
My Family and I had a wonderful time rafting with the crew from Precision Rafting. Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them!


08 August 2022
If you read nothing else, raft with this group. Longer review. I've rafted with 4 different companies and by far this was the best experience, such that I did three trips with them (would do more if I lived near the area). In my trips, I did two kayak rides (Thrillseeker) and one rafting trip. Roger, the owner, has exceptional experience and knowledge and it shows. His focus on safety is unlike the other companies I've rafted with yet he manages this without intruding on the fun. His staff is excelllent and my first experience with Jeff is a big reason I returned for further rides (as a minor bonus you don't get those overused lame rafting jokes). The three runs I went on (Lower Yough, Uppder Yough & Cheat canyon) were far more excing than the others as well (such that I got thrown a few times, and that is its own form of fun as well). With the kayak runs, I was also provided very helpful instruction that I never got on the other kayak/duckie trips. So, if you want safety, good exciting runs and great people, this is who you need to ride with.

Michael J. Muldowney

02 August 2022
The levels of safety, professionalism, and fun are off the charts. I cannot put into words the competency of our guide Rob and cannot believe how much he and Ken taught me throughout the trip. This was my first whitewater rafting trip and I don't think it will ever be matched. If I lived closer I'd be taking whitewater kayaking lessons and several additional rafting and ducky trips with this group. If you can follow instructions and desire adventure PRE will provide that in the safest manner mother nature allows.

Addison Loayza

10 June 2022
Amazing white water rafting trip! Everyone on the staff was super nice and friendly, they were organized and started on time, and they made our safety their priority. Felt super safe with all the precautions and instructions they provided. The class 5 rapids were so damn fun! Our guide, Jeff, was #1 top notch!! He has the perfect personality for working with people, and he has amazing skills at controlling the raft. The trip took 4.5 hours through the beautiful Upper Yough (sp?), and we even got to see beautiful creatures like otters and bald eagles. We were given yummy snacks with sodas, water and beer afterwards. Overall, an amazing trip with the best guide. Absolutely will return! Extremely highly recommended!

David P

08 June 2022
These guys are the best. I did the upper Yough in April and our guide (Nick) was a total pro.

Curtis Marquardt

29 May 2022
Went on the Upper Tough and had a great time. All the guides were very friendly and professional. They even had fried chicken at the end of the day.

robin spangenberg

02 October 2021
Great group of guides. Steve was fantastic.

Lindsey S

11 September 2021
My husband and I went on the Upper Yough trip today and it was such an amazing experience. Rob was our awesome guide and we had the honor of having Ken in the raft with us as well. Rob gave very clear instructions and we made it through every rapid smoothly. It's very evident that safety is the #1 priority here. Thanks again for the awesome trip! We will definitely try to come back.

Jim Corbett

23 August 2021
Had an excellent day on the river today. Lane had us in perfect position at each rapid. Very clear and concise instructions We've been on several rafting trips, and this ranks as one of the very best. The upper Yough is a hidden gem we just discovered.

Heather Warner

23 August 2021
Amazing!!! We had an the best experience today. Everybody is very friendly, they are very organized and safety is their priority. I can’t wait to come back.

Mike Perhacs

18 August 2021
Knowledgeable, friendly, safe, and good pricing. Thanks for a great trip Lane!

Paula New

16 August 2021
We had an amazing experience with Mellow Matt as our guide. He not only guided us down but he pointed out different types of birds and even a pair of Eagles!

lisa ohlweiler

08 August 2021
My Daughter and I had a wonderful time rafting with Precision Rafting this weekend. We had no idea what to expect and we were blown away by the thrill of the white water rafting and the beauty of the river. The guides were all very knowledgeable and always professional. Nancy was so great!!. We look forward to coming back again next year!

Jhonny Padilla

01 August 2021

Janet Leopold

26 July 2021
Great rafting experience!! Lots of exciting whitewater with a well trained staff.Special shout out to our guide “Nugget” who was very knowledgeable and full of fun commentary that made the trip even more enjoyable. We will return!!

Joy Johnston

24 July 2021
My boyfriend wanted to go Whitewater rafting for his 55th birthday. We chose PRE as they had great reviews . We were not disappointed. Lane and Roger were very professional and had great personalities. I was scared at first but Lane and Roger gave us such good directions we knew exactly what to when we needed it. Special touch was the Pepperoni rolls and refreshments at the end of the day. We will definitely do it again. Thanks for making his Birthday special, they even sang Happy Birthday to him. 😊

Joseph Zagami

18 July 2021
This is hands down one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had. Blood pumping, you look around to unforgiving, surging water ready to take you at a moment's notice. A mistake could end in an injury or worse. But there's hope - and it's your guide. They first walk you through the very basics of how to paddle, how to sit, then continue by letting you know what's coming, what to do, and when to do it. Even though some of the rapids on the trip are very dangerous, you never feel uneasy with your guide walking you through it. The company takes safety very seriously, and adds small, thoughtful touches as well (snack and a drink after you come off the water). Overall, this is an experience you won't forget.

Jackie Zagami

17 July 2021
Literally the best rafting experience ever. It rained during parts of our expedition and it made the experience that much more adventurous. Our guide Hayes was hilarious and just seemed so at ease during some crazy rapids. Hayes was an absolutely fantastic instructor and we loved his fun way of teaching us the ropes of white water rafting. If another boat tipped, all hands were on deck and it was great to see how family-like the crew was. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a thrilling adventure to get out of the heat!

William Goodman

09 July 2021
This was an unforgettable thrill ride, and Lane was a consummate professional. I would follow him into anything. This is one of the most exciting things I can imagine experienced guides leading complete newbies like us into and PRE does it with such confidence and organization. We will definitely be back and I cannot wait to do this again!

Chris Cook

09 July 2021

Stephanie Bacue

04 July 2021
Fantastic experience! Lane was our guide for the Upper Yough and was amazing. The entire staff were professional and knowledgeable. It's obvious they love what they do, and they do it very well. There were probably at least 30 others that came out on the river at the same time we did, and I was amazed with how well-orchestrated everything was. The snacks at the end of the trip were definitely a nice touch too. We plan to return soon!