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Our Safety Policy

safety 1Precision Rafting Expeditions is made up from a group of dedicated river professionals where whitewater is more than a business, it is a way of life. We enjoy running Class V upright , and we enhance guest safety by providing a safety kayaker on EVERY Class IV-V trip. 

At Precision Rafting Expeditions we take your safety very seriously.  We do several safety talks before embarking on the water.  First you arrive at our headquarters you  are informed as to  what the conditions for the day will be like and the type of trip it is going to be.  You are also advised if wet suits are required or suggested and what the weather for the day will be.  After signing a waiver and loading on to the bus for the ride to the river put in we conduct a second safety briefing. We go into detail about the PFD’s (personal flotation device), helmets, and paddles. This talk covers how to adjust and use this equipment in a safe manner.  After arriving at the putin safety equipment is issued to each guest and a guide helps them make adjustments and check for proper fit.  Once everyone has all three pieces of equipment a group briefing is held where we check that all the equipment is fitting correctly and go over what to do in case of mishap. This talk includes swimming / floating in the rapids and currents and what to except if you happen to fall in the river and how to deal with it. 

We cover use of throw ropes, kayak rescue and self rescue.  WE also stress again about not standing up in the river and whitewater swimming techniques.  After this talk the guest are split into groups and meet the guides who at this point before getting on the water teach their crews about how they will ride in the boats and what is expected of them as far as paddling goes.  Once on the water the guide will cover all of their commands and how to paddle as a group.  Through out the day we continue to encourage good safety habits.  

All guides are register with the states we raft in and have Professional Rescuer CPR and "First Responder"   or greater level of first aid.   

We maintain a proud and excellent safety record. Drug or Alcohol impaired guests will be refused transit (no refund). On Class V, good physical condition and swimming skills are a must. Safety procedures are explained before and during your trip. Helmets and Lifejackets are worn on the river at all times during your trip. We reserve the right to move trips to different sections of the river or to different rivers if water levels dictate or for safety reasons. When dealing with Mother nature it is not always a given, anything can and will happen.

We will always try our hardest to make your trip an enjoyable and memorable rafting or kayaking experience.

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