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The Little Sandy River

little sandy riverCLASS: 3-4
GRADIENT: 40 ft per mile
VOLUME: 630 -2500 cfs
SEASON: April - May
SCENERY: Wild and Scenic
TIME: 2-4 hrs
LENGTH: 10 Miles

The Little Sandy is a delightful little stream that meanders through old growth deciduous forests until it starts to fall off the edge of the mountain. A flat water stream to begin with the Little Sandy quickly picks up the pace and starts to head for the Cheat river in a hurray. The rapids start to form in small river wide ledges that just get bigger and more powerful as the Little Sandy moves downstream. As each new side stream enters the Little Sandy grows into a small river before reaching the confluence with the Upper Big Sandy. This is one of the rivers that is a great high water alternative and a hard one to catch. This section of river is one of the most beautiful in WV if you have time to look around. With lots of ledges and awesome boulder gardens the Little Sandy keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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