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Q: How many people can fit in a raft?

Our rafts hold 3 customers and a guide, so 4 total.

Q: When is your check in time?

April, May, September and October: 11am
June, July, August: 12 Noon

Q: Do you cancel for rain or thunderstorms?

We go rain or shine and will get wet rafting either way. Regarding thunderstorms we have never had to cancel a trip over thunder and lightening because storms move through the mountains here so quickly that we can wait it out or it won’t even hit us at all.

Q: Is food provided? Should I eat before I come rafting?

Yes, food is provided after the trip. Our take out is right at our building so as soon as you get off the water you can grab a bite to eat. You should also eat before you get here because you will need fuel to paddle through the rapids.

Q: Can I bring my cell phone on the river with me?

We do not recommend you bring anything with you that you do not wish to lose. There is no cell service on the river. There is no time to take pictures while we are paddling because the rapids are very continuous but we do have a photographer with us on every trip taking pictures for you.

Q: Can I wear my flip flops?

Flip flops offer little protection from rocks in and around the river. Flip flops are also very easily lost so we do not recommend them. Old tennis shoes or water shoes are a great alternative.

Q: Where do I park?

We have people standing outside of our buildings holding parking signs and will direct you where to park. There is some street parking but some of the street parking is for private residential parking so locate the guy with the sign and he will help with the rest.

Q: How much time do we spend on the water?

Depending on the water levels the time spent on the water is between 3 ½ to 4 hours.