Kayak School

Beginners Introduction to Kayaking

Get started with our intro experience where you learn the basics of the sport. On flat water we teach you about the boat and the equipment. We teach basic paddle strokes, turning, going straight, and bracing, and we introduce you to the all important self rescue, and the wet-exit. We teach on a calm stretch of river or on a nearby lake, Safety being an underlying theme in all of our instruction, we also introduce you to basic safety techniques and equipment.

Beginners Full Day Experience

Explore all the topics in the intro clinic plus the technique of eskimo rolling (righting) the kayak.  We'll teach you more about the river environment including how to 'read the water'. You will learn the basic river techniques like eddy turns, ferrying, and bracing into the current. We start you out in flat water in the morning and then after lunch head for a river with mild current and rocks where you can practice boat control techniques. Includes: equipment, lunch, instruction, and transportation

Beginners Two Day Clinic

A comprehensive learning experience with one full day of skills development and a second day on the river. On the second day you get more experience reading the river currents, more eddy turns, and ferrying. We also have state-of-the-art inflatable kayaks called Thrillseekers that you may paddle if you are not quite ready to run a river in a kayak. Includes: 2 days of equipment, lunch, instruction, and transportation.

Intermediate One Day Clinic

This clinic is designed for people who have basic skills but want to have an instructor evaluate and sharpen their technique. Your day is spent on the river working on a solid river roll, more river reading skills, surfing techniques, hole riding and punching, and developing an eddy turn with snap. The instructors will work on whatever skills you need the most help with. A great clinic to make progress fast. Includes: equipment, lunch, instruction, and transportation.

Intermediate Two Day Clinic

Includes: 2 days of equipment, lunch, instruction, and transportation.

Advanced 1 day Clinic

Experience more difficult rivers with experts leading the way and helping you with skills and techniques. Participants should have a solid roll and be able to handle difficult Class IV rapids. We work on 'playing' techniques as well as fine tuning your paddling strokes. River levels will determine the playground of the day. Includes: Instructor, lunches and transportation.

Thrillseeker Full Day Whitewater Trip

Think you might like kayaking but aren't sure? Try a Thrillseeker the finest and most easily controlled inflatable kayak made. Practice your boat control and paddling while sitting on top of your craft. We introduce river reading skills, eddy turns, surfing and self rescue. Trips available on all rivers. Includes: equipment, lunch, instruction, and transportation.

Topo Duo Experience

The ultimate ride. Paddle with an expert in a two person kayak in big rapids! Yee hah! 3-4 hours

Custom Designed Experiences

We specially design kayaking experiences for any individual or group. We can offer squirt boat instruction, steep creeking, or provide a local guide for a river section you may not have run before. If you can't find the right lesson in our standard programs, we can create an experience that fits your needs perfectly. We have special group rates, and provide packages including lodging, meals and river trips.

Extreme River Trips


Action Whitwater Trips

Easy Whitewater Trips

Family Float Trips