Labor Day Weekend Rafting specials

Getting ready for another big weekend of great whitewater rafting on the Upper Yough. it's hard to believe that it's labor day already. Seems like the summer just got here and now it's turning into fall. We still have room on Friday and Monday's Upper Yough trips with a Monday special of just $90.00 per person. Save $45.00 each so come on out and check out some awesome white water. We've had great water levels and this weekend looks like these good levels will hold. If you've been waiting to go now is the time and with this special Labor day deal there's no excuse. Don't forget the next weekend is the Last Savage river dam release so give us a call.
301 746 5290 or message us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. either way it's time to go rafting. PS Big Upper Yough appreciation party on Saturday August 30 in friendsville. Honoring Bill Bickham, early Upper Yough paddler.

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