Extreme Whitewater Trips

You won't find a more exciting trip than on one of these, big rapids and powerful currents!

Bear Creek Rafting Trip

STATS: 3.75 Miles, 2 Hrs
AGE: Recommended age is 16 years and up
TYPE: Extreme River Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Bear Creek

PRICE: $100.00 - $120.00 per person

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When all other river might be to high are you want to give extreme IK's (duckies) a try this is where we go. Bear Creek from start to finish is a non stop slalom run with little let up. We do this trip when ever the conditions are just right. We usually R-2 this run so you really get an up front a personal view of the creek. Using the small Puma rafts Bear Creek comes alive.

Bear Creek River Photo Gallery

bear creek rafting
bear creek john diane
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