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Upper Yough Rafting Trip

STATS: 10 Miles,  4-6 Hrs Start time 11:00 am -12:00 noon. 
AGE: Recommended age is 14 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / dam release
RIVER: Upper Yough

PRICE: $140.00 - $160.00 per person

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Your trip on the Upper Yough begins by meeting us at our riverside headquarters in Friendsville, MD, which is also the river trip take out. After signing in we have a short bus ride to the put-in where you are issued all the rafting gear for the day. We then gather for a pre trip safety briefing where we cover all aspects of river safety and rapid swimming. We go over how to handle all the what if's. You are then split into rafting groups of 3 and meet your guide for the day.

Next we put on the river and float down some moving water where your guide then covers all that you need to know for the days adventure, such as how to sit in the raft, paddle strokes and commands and again we cover swimming in the rapids. After the flat water the rapids begin with the warm up mile, where you get to practice all the moves you need to make it through the bigger rapids. The warm up rapids end and you may notice that the bottom drops out and you are in the big action. For the next 3.5 miles it is nonstop adrenaline pumping, awesome whitewater action!

We stop about half way through the big action at a refreshing mountain spring where you have the chance to stretch your legs and get ready for the next series. After the big rapids end the river slowly winds down to where it is just moving water again and you are back to where you met us in the morning. After the trip we have some snacks and cold beverages, while we watch the photos of the trip. All rafting equipment is included in your trip as well as snacks and cold drinks. This trip is truly one of the best whitewater trips you can do because of the dam release From Deep Creek Lake. Guaranteed water releases all summer long make this trip the best!!!

Upper Yough River Gallery

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