Action Whitewater Trips

Action whitewater trips are the trip for anyone who loves a challenge!

Little Sandy to Rockville Trip

This section is a little harder than from Bruceton Mills down. It is smaller and more technical before meeting the Upper Big Sandy just above most of the big rapids. We do this one in small boats and as a high water alternative for the Upper Yough. The little Sandy is truly a unique trip, you watch the river grow. It starts out as a flat water small stream. After about twenties minutes of flat water paddling you start to encounter the first rocks in the river bed, they in turn give way to small ledges that get bigger and more powerful as you move down stream.

Before you know it the Little Sandy is a big stream and then your right out in the thick of things so to speak. This is the hardest section to catch but well worth it when you do. Guides in every raft enhance your experience on the Little Sandy. A Safety kayaker will also paddle along to help with any rescues that may be required. You  also get two trips for the price of one as the Little Sandy drops into the Big Sandy above Rockville and you get most of the good rapids on that section too! We provide all the rafting equipment you need and shuttles to and from the river. Cold drinks and cookout are also provided.

STATS: 6 Miles, 4 Hrs
AGE: Recommended age is 10 years and up
TYPE: Action Whitewater Trip / natural flow
RIVER: Little Sandy

PRICE: $110.00 per person

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