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Trip Price Chart

Top Yough Rafting Trip

STATS: 2.5 Miles, 1.5 - 2 hrs
AGE: Recommended age is 16 years and up
TYPE: Extreme River Trip / nartural flow
RIVER: Top Yough River

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The river section above the dam for the Upper Yough. Another natural flow trip that is very special. The Top Yough is raft in the R-2 format with just one guide to one guest. We do this in the puma's for max action. Imagine starting the trip with a big 30 ft sliding waterfall. We scout this one and you can raft over it. This is also so a low water high action IK (duckies) trip for the most adventurous. We can do this trip before or after the Upper Yough to make a full day of rafting.This trip takes you into one of the most beautiful parks in Maryland, Swallow Falls State Park. Virgin hemlock forest dominate the landscape for the next several miles, although you will to busy to look around it is highly reccommended. This trip includes all rafting equipment and shuttles.

IMPORTANT:  To raft one of the extreme trips you need to do an Upper Yough trip with us in the same season so you can check out how we operate and we can check you out to make sure your up to the challenge . This is for safety reasons as stated above you are in a wilderness environment and rescue can be difficult so we need to make sure that you are capable of this experience.