October 3 2015 last Saturday Upper Yough Dam Release

That's right Saturday October 3 2015 will be the last Saturday Upper Yough releasae. Fall is approaching fast and the leaves are starting to change so now is an aweome time to go on the river. The conditions are great and water has been warming all season so the last Saturday Upper release will be a good one. If you haven't had time to go now is that time. Winter will soon be here and you don't want to be wishing you had gone rafting when it's time to go now. Don't miss the boat, call today and we will set up your next high action adventure that you won't soon forget. This has been a great season and I would like to show you why this is one of the best river trips around. Call today 800 477 3723 or emai   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . It's not to late to go rafting so give us a call .


Fall Rafting 2015 is the best !

Get Ready for Fall rafting

The leaves are starting to change and there is an nice crisp feel to the air so it must mean that fall rafting is near.

We had an awesome summer with some great water levels and now just after one month of summer weather it’s starting to turn into fall. This is a great time of year for whitewater rafting as the weather is usually sunny and the water is as warm as it’s going to get before turning to winter.

If you’ve missed out all summer now is the time to go. There is still lots of great water releases out of Deep Creek and the Upper Yough is still the best game in town so it’s not to late to get out and have an adventure you won’t soon forget! The Upper Yough rafting season still has many  days to go with water all week long September 14 -18 and we will be running trips on all of those days.

There is still room on the  first Saturday in October white water release so don’t delay call today 800 477 3723.
The Upper Yough is one of the best and most exciting trips around so don’t miss the boat and lets go rafting with Precision.
Precision Rafting

First Savage River Dam Release

Get ready for the Savage River
The first of 3 dam release will happen on Saturday May 30th . This is one of the most fun raft trips in the area. Five miles of contentious action, non stop waves and rapids. This is a great trip for all levels and with only 3 dam releases in the season.

If you tried the rest it’s time to do one of the best. We run this one twice in the same day and you won’t be left wanting more. Clean cool water and one of the wildest places in Garrett county. I highly recommend this one so don’t delay call today. 800 477 3723.

Early Season Special

The 2015 Season is in full swing. The warm weather is finally upon the 2015 rafting season, to celebrate we are offering huge deals on Upper Yough trips! For the remainder of May we are offering Free Rafting Fridays, book a rafting trip and bring a friend or loved one for FREE! That deal is crazier than the rapids on the Yough. There is one more Monday release in May on the 11th, we are offering a spot on that trip for 65$ per person. Enjoy the warm weather while the water is still high.  Water levels have not been this good in a long time so give us a call.
This is a once in the season special so give us a call and set up your next great rafting adventure. 800 477 3723, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2015 Upper Yough Season is here. First release April 17

The Official start to the 2015 Upper Yough whitewater season is here. Friday April 17 2015 will be the first release of the season. We have room in the rafts and lots of great rapids to get you fired up.  This is looking like the start to a warm spring so it's time to go. Fun awaits so call today.800 477 3723. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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